Leveraging the Power of Google+ for Your Business

If you’re like most online business owners these days, you’ve heard the siren call of social media channels, and may be pursuing Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, all proven ways to drive traffic. But what about Google+? What role will that have in your business?

Think about the SEO tactics you are employing. You’ve carefully chosen your keywords, optimized every page on your site, and painstakingly built backlinks. You’ve crafted strategic status updates and used every trick you could find to get your videos to place well and drive traffic to your site.

And who have you done all those things for? Google, of course!

Now, along comes Google+… seems to me like it would be a mistake to think that Google would not pay substantial attention to its own product and all the content placed on it.

The fact is, they’re not ignoring it. Google+ profile pages are showing up in the search results – and they’re ranking on the front page. What shows up is your About Page content, so make sure you’re filling this out as clearly as possible. Include your keywords, and make the first sentence really count, because Google only shows about 150 characters in its snippets.

Beyond the SEO value, though, Google+ also offers unique ways to stay in touch with your niche. Take a few minutes and read through this special report on how you can put Google+ Business Pages to work for you.

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